How does asset names work?

How assets names behave is depending on the type of asset. There are two types - IP range and host.

IP range

It’s optional to enter a name for an IP range. If you leave the name blank it will remain blank. We recommend that you enter a name that reflects the scope of the IP range, e.g. Public network IP range.


You can either enter a name for a host or leave it blank. If you leave it blank the hostname will automatically be set to the DNS hostname, if such is found. If no DNS hostname is found and the name is blank, the name will be set to the IP number. The DNS hostname is set when the first scan of the host is performed. If you leave the name blank and a DNS hostname is set automatically, as described, the DNS hostname will be updated automatically if changed.

If you manually set a name for the host, we recommend a name that reflects the host’s function, e.g. Primary mail server

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