What is the behavior for tickets and vulnerability status when ignoring vulnerabilities?

This is the behavior for tickets and vulnerabilities in relation to ignoring and disabling vulnerabilities.

  • Ignoring a vulnerability
    When ignoring a vulnerability, the statistics for this vulnerability will be excluded from dashboard, menu notifications and all status and status with trend reports.
  • Ignoring a vulnerability for a host
    When ignoring vulnerabilities on hosts, all open remediation tickets will be closed and set to status closed/ignored.
  • Disable vulnerability globally
    When disabling vulnerabilities globally, no tickets are effected.
  • Disabled vulnerabilites and new tickets
    When running a scan and a vulnerability found is globally disabled, tickets will be created per remediation policy.
  • Unignor and closed tickets
    When unignoring vulnerabilities and a ticket exist with status closed/ignored related to that vulnerability, the ticket will be re-opened. 
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