How do I install and solve common problems in versions 5.5 of Vmware vSphere ESXi?

Version 5.5 of VMware vSphere ESXi requires slight modifications in order to work properly. Please see the following steps. 

Error message

If you get the following error message there are a few solutions. Please see below.

Unsupported hardware family ´vmx-10´errror


You created the Virtual appliance using VMX-11 and didn't set the VM version to 10 or below before creating the OVF.  

Solution - alternative 1:

1. Unzip the .OVA file
2. Open and edit the .ovf file. Look for "VMX-XX" (most likely VMX-11) and change it to "VMX-10:.vm file.
3. The hash needs to be changed in the .VMDK file or the ESXi will notice that the file has been changed. Run HashTool creation tool (see creation tools below).
4. Create a Hash using SHA-1. Copy that back in to the .VMDK file.
5. Save your changes and deploy both files in your VMware workstation, the server will let you deploy it without errors. 


Hash Tool (external website):

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