What does the different settings for Phishing & Awareness Training mean?


The setup view allows you to add or delete specific bounce strings. Bounce strings decide which values will be in effect when an automated email response occurs. For instance, you create an assessment for 10 recipients, one of the recipients are on vacation and automatically respond to your send out. With the bounce string Vacation added, this email will not be added to your statistics of the assessment.

Tags are used as a way to connect the creator of an assessment to the Phishing & Awareness Training. It can also be used to connect recipients to a specific template or assessment.

The recipients tab allows you to add recipients either via a txt document or by adding the recipient one by one. There are no limit to how many recipients one assessment may have.

There are two ways to use templates when setting up an assessment.

  • Use one of the pre existing templates
    • Phishing email template
    • Phishing email and website template (admintools-microsoft.com)
    • Phishing email and website template (epostadministratoren.se)
  • Create your own template by clicking Add template.

The schedule section allows you to set the time, date and duration of your assessment.

By clicking assessment you get an overview of your ongoing phishing campaign as well as your previous ones. The assessment page allows you to see statistics such as

  • Name - The name of the send out. 
  • Template - The template that is used.
  • Status - The status of the assessment. 
  • Send date - The date the send out was made.
  • End date - The end date of the assessment.
  • Tags - The tags that are used for the assessment.
  • No. recipients - Number of recipients.
  • No. open email - Number of emails opened. 
  • No. email replies - Number of emails replied.
  • No. URL clicks - Number of times the URL has been clicked. 
  • No. form posts - Number of form post.
  • Created - Creation date.
  • Number of recipients - Number of recipients.
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