How do I schedule a Fraud risk assessment?

In order to schedule a send out for an assessment, please follow the steps below. Notice that you first need to setup a template and import e-mail recipients.

  1. Login to Security Center.
  2. Click Fraud Risk Assessment Schedules > Add schedule.
  3. Under General information enter the following:
    • Name: the name of the assessment, e.g. Assessment all staff July 2017.
    • Owner: select the owner of the assessment.
    • Template: select the template for the assessment. 
    • Starts on: select the date and time when the send out will be done and the assessment is started.
    • Assessment duration: the duration for the assessment. After the number of days have passed the assessment is closed and no more statistics are colletced.
  4. Under Recipients make the following settings:
    • All: select this option if you want the assessment to target all recipients in the system. 
    • Custom recipients: select this option if you want the assessment to target a specific group of recipients. Under Tags select the groups you want to target.
  5. Under Exclude you can exclude specific recipients and groups by doing the following:
    • Recipients: select specific recipients to exclude.
    • Tags: select specific recipients to exclude.
  6. Under Notifications you can enable notifications before and after the assessment.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Done!
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