How do I install a Scanner Appliance?

To add a new on premise scanner appliance, also called probe, for local scanning please follow these instructions. We recommend that you review the system requirements first:

  1. Login to Security Center.
  2. Click Scanner appliance > Add appliance.
  3. Click On-Premise.
  4. Click Get started.
  5. Add name of the scanner appliance, for example Scanner appliance 1 in local network 1 and download the image for the chosen virtualization host.
  6. Click Next twice.
  7. You should see the screen with scanner name and appliance token, please write down the appliance token.
  8. Install virtualization image on your virtualization platform and start it. Please review the system requirements first:
    Important: The system requirements needs to be set prior to booting the scanner appliance for the first time.
  9. When the appliance boots, you will see on its screen a Holm Security Probe Configurator menu with 4 options:
    • c = Configuration
    • r = Registration
    • s = Status
    • = Reboot
  10. Choose Status by pressing s or navigate using arrow keys and press enter (you can always use the highlighted character or navigate using arrows and enter). Make sure you see information about interfaces and IP addresses and that the IP settings look correct. Press enter to go back to main menu. If settings are correct, go directly to 14. 
  11. If there were no IP addresses or the setting were incorrect, then the next step is to configure your network. Then choose Configuration in main menu and press enter.
  12. Then choose Network Configuration and press enter.
  13. You will see a list of interfaces to configure, usually just one. Choose interface and press enter.
  14. Choose if you want to use DHCP or if you want to assign a static IP address to the Scanner Appliance. Choose dhcp or static option and press enter or Cancel to go back. If you clicked dhcp, the Scanner Appliance will directly try to obtain new IP addresses. This might take a few minutes. Click OK to return to main menu. Please check status under Status to verify the settings.

    If you clicked static, you need to fill out the following values manually:
    • IPv4 address
    • IPv4 network
    • IPv4 gateway
    • IPv4 dns-nameservers
    • IPv6 address
    • IPv6 network
    • IPv6 gateway
    • IPv6 dns-nameservers 

    You may just configure one protocol, you don't need to configure both. Click OK when you are done, and you will be returned to the main menu and interface will be reconfigured. 

  15. Make sure you have the correct firewall settings:
  16. Choose option Probe registration and input the registration token you wrote down in step 7 and press OK.
  17. You are now ready to start registration procedure. Click Register. The scanner appliance sends registration requests and retrieves configuration response from the platform. You should see a confirmation that probe has been successfully registered and configured. Click OK, to get back to the main menu.
  18. In Security Center, you can check the activation to make sure scanner was registered correctly.
  19. Done!

Notice - connection time up to 20 minutes

Notice that it can take up to 20 minutes before Security Center indicates that a connection is established.

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