How do I create a patch report template?

To create a patch report template, follow this instruction. 

  1. Login to Security Center.
  2. Click Reports in the main menu.
  3. Click Templates.
  4. Click +Add template > Patch.
  5. Under the headline General settings enter the following:
    • Name: the name of the report, e.g. Patch report template.
    • Owner: the owner of the report.
  6. Under the headline Source enter the following:
    • IPs/Ranges: the source for you report. Can be specific host or IP ranges. You can add any number of hosts.
    • Include hosts that: here you include hosts that have all or any of the specific tags that you enter.
    • Do not Include hosts that: here you exclude hosts that have all or any of the specific tags that you enter.
  7. Click headline Display.
  8. Under the headline Patch details sections select how you want to group the patch information.
  9. Click headline Filter.
  10. Under the headline Selective vulnerability reporting enter the following settings:
    • Complete: includes all vulnerabilities in the database in the report.
    • Custom: includes categories vulnerabilities and/or specific vulnerabilities in the report.
  11. Under the headline Timeframe selection check the timeframe for the report.
  12. Under the headline Vulnerability filters check the ticket status you want to include.
  13. Click OK.
  14. Done! 
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