How do I whitelist the cloud scanners and/or Scanner Appliance?

If everything is allowed from in your firewall/WAF and routing is set up properly to reach the target asset, our scan engine will discover the specified IP/FQDN and perform the scan.

But if it is showing an error sign in the scan, then the following points need to be checked whether or not we are allowed to scan the IP-ranges/IPs/Web applications

Public Networks and Web Applications
The following IP-ranges and IPs need to be allowed for inbound traffic from our DC to client public IP-ranges/IPs/Web applications.

Sweden Data Center

  • IPv4:
  • IPv4:
  • IPv6: 2a0b:6800::/29

Malaysia Data Center


In case of Public IP Scanning – Allow ICMP/or some ports so that it can be discovered.

In case of Web Application Scanning – Allow port 80 & 443 for incoming traffic to your web application from our DC.

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