How do I create one or more hosts?

You can create a single host manually by adding it one by one, or create many hosts at once. By scanning an IP range asset and all live hosts will be added automatically as separate hosts into your asset list.

Notice that previously added hosts (manually or through a discovery scan) will not be overwritten when performing a discovery scan where the same IP exists.

Adding Network Assets:

  1. Login to Security Center. 
  2. Click Asset Manager in the main menu.
  3. Click on +Add Network asset.
  4. Under the headline General enter the following:
      • Asset name: a name for the asset.
      • IP/IP Range: the host’s IP number.
        For example: 
      • Owner: select the owner of the asset.
      • Description: here you can enter a description for the asset.
      • Business impact: this property is used to decide the importance of the host and to calculate the Overall business risk in reports.
  5. Under the headline Tags you search and check one or more tags that you want to add to the asset.
  6. Click OK.
  7. The next step is to scan the assets IP range to automatically create hosts. You can either schedule a recurrent scan or perform a scan once.
  8. As soon as the scan is done you will see hosts added in you asset list.
  9. Done!
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