How do I create/schedule a network scanning report?

To schedule a network scan report, follow this instruction. Notice that you first need to create a template that can be selected for the schedule.

  1. Login to Security Center.
  2. Click Reports in the main menu.
  3. Click Schedules.
  4. Click +Add schedule > Network scan.
  5. Under the headline General information enter the following:
    • Name: the name of the report, e.g. Monthly executive network scan report.
    • Report template: select the template you want to use. Notice that only Scan templates are listed, because you selected that type in step 4.
  6. Under the headline Source you can either use the source selected in the template, or make the changes you want.
    • IPs/Ranges: the source for you report. Can be specific host or IP ranges. You can add any number of hosts.
    • Include hosts that: here you include hosts that have all or any of the specific tags that you enter.
    • Do not Include hosts that: here you exclude hosts that have all or any of the specific tags that you enter.
  7. Under the headline Schedule enter the following:
    • Starts on: select the first start data and time. Notice that reoccurring schedules will start at the time set here.
    • Timezone: select the timezone for the schedule.
    • Repeat every: select the number of days, weeks or months between the reports.
  8. Under the headline Notification enter the following:
    • Notifications: check if you want a notification to be sent by email when the report is generated.
    • Subject: enter a custom subject for the notification, or use default.
    • Sender name: enter a custom sender name for the notification, or use default.
    • Sender email: enter a custom sender email for the notification, or use default. If you use your own email (e.g. address please add the following SPF record for the domain (e.g. to avoid problems receiving the emails:
    • Recipient: enter recipient for the notification.
    • Message: enter a custom message for the notification, or use default.

      Additionally, you can also or instead of notifications use Recipients in order to recieve an encrypted PDF file by email.
  9. Under the headline Recipients enter the following:
    • Click +Add Recipients: If you want to enable the encrypted PDF sendout of the report.
    • Email: The Email of the recipent.
    • Phone number: The phone number of the recipient.
  10. Click OK.
  11. Done! 
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