How does the communication with the Scanner Appliance work?

Just as our cloud platform Holm Security VMP, our Scanner Appliance is built with security by design, which means that the general security related to communication and data storage is high.

The Scanner Appliance (SA) connects to the Holm Security VMP cloud platform over HTTPS and sends information about its status and downloads any updates. The SSL-certificate must be valid, otherwise the SA will not receive any data.

All communication between the cloud platform and SA, like scan data and scan settings, goes through the HTTPS tunnel. Each SA has its unique authentication token, that it uses to authenticate to the cloud platform. Updates that SA downloads and installed must be signed with our public key.

SA uses a reverse SSH-tunnel to the cloud platform using a SSH key authentication. This tunnel is used to communicate commands to SA.

SA stores data related to scans locally as well as communicating all data to the cloud platform, for presentation in Security Center.  

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