What is potentially dangerous test?

The potentially dangerous tests setting allows the users to enable a set of plugins within Holm Security VMP’s library of vulnerability checks which may a have negative effect on the network, device or application being tested. We recommends the potentially dangerous test setting to be used in pre-production environment.

The safe checks setting effects network check plugins. By enabling potentially dangerous test the Holm Security scanners will activate plugins which make some sort of network check other than leveraging credentials such as SSH, Windows domain or SNMP.

By enabling potentially dangerous test, the Holm Security scanner will not only run the “safe” plugins that will allow the user to understand which patches that are required or not but also run tests that are necessary for Holm Security VMP to understand if a network patched has been applied or not, which in some cases aren’t easily done.

Potentially dangerous test include around 300 pluggings that aren’t automatically performed when running a scan without this setting enabled.

In order to activate potentially dangerous tests in Security Center see the following article:

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