Release notes 2019-07-09

Important release notes

2FA in Organizer 

We are continuously strengthening the security in our platform to increase the level of protection.

Starting from 2019-07-09 we activate two-factor authentication (2FA) in Organizer by default. 2FA is forced and enabled for all accounts. This adds another layer of security, where username and password isn't enough to access your account.

All new accounts in Organizer will have 2FA enabled by default. For all existing accounts you will be guided through the steps to enable 2FA. 

When 2FA is activated, logging in to Organizer you will receive a confirmation code over SMS to be entered at the login page.

New features

New languages in social engineering templates

New languages available for Office 365 templates:

  • Finnish
  • Dutch
  • Norwegian

More social security numbers supported

We have added the ability to identify social security numbers (personal IDs) for several countries using a newly developed method. This makes our web application scanner identify even more social security numbers exposed in your web applications. This helps you to protect your personal data and to comply with GDPR.

New social security numbers supported:

  • Chinese
  • Finnish
  • Malaysian
  • Dutch
  • Polish

Other improvements

  • The REST API have received performance improvements and some additional fields in certain endpoints.
  • Fixed an issue for Continues Monitor profiles that could not be saved properly.
  • Certain password encrypted reports had problems being sent out which have now been fixed.
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