System updates and releases

Cloud platform releases 

New versions are released on average once every month. During this period the system may be unreachable when the new version is applied. 

Scans are normally not affected and continues to run during the update. Under certain circumstances the scans may be paused when the release is being applied, and then continues to run when the release is completed.

The time it takes to perform the release can vary but typically takes between 10-40 minutes. 

Vulnerability test updates

The system is updating the signatures to identify vulnerabilities on a daily basis.

This is done to make sure that we are scanning for the most recent vulnerabilities that are known so you as a customer can identify these as quickly as possible.

During this update the scans that are currently running may be paused for a few minutes. Once the updates is completed the scans will continue to run.

The time the daily update is running depends on the location of the system datacenter. 
In the European datacenter in Stockholm, Sweden, the update starts at 6 am (GMT+2).

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