How do I configure NTP for the Scanner Appliance?

 In order to configure Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers for the scanner appliance follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Scanner appliance interface from your virtualization environment.
  2. In the configurator go to Configuration > NTP  using your arrow keys and press enter.
  3. Enter the NTP configuration settings.
  4. Press the tab key on your keyboard and select OK.
    • Make sure to use the tab key on the keyboard as you otherwise could risk resetting the settings
  5. The scanner appliance will no reboot and your settings will be applied.
  6. Done!


NTP are normally set and used when using static IP for the network configuration. When using DHCP the NTP configuration is often provided by the DHCP. 
If you are using DHCP and is setting the NTP configuration, it might not get applied due to this reason. 

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