Release notes 2019-11-18

Major releases 

Major improvements to remediation

Remediation is an important part of the process when managing and resolving vulnerabilities. It is where the defined actions and ownership on vulnerabilities are structured, planned and tracked.

Remediation have received an updated layout where it is now easier then ever to manage the actions defined as tickets for the vulnerabilities that needs to be addressed and resolved. 

The overview gives you more information about each ticket and vulnerability. With direct click-to-actions being available to adjust ticket status, ticket owner and the due date of the ticket directly from the list.

We are continuing to make improvements between the different areas in the product, with the goal to optimize the efficiency for our users. There will be more product news related to this in upcoming releases and we appreciate the feedback we are receiving from our customers.

New features

PCI DSS reports for Approved Scanning Vendor (beta)

As we continue to expand our capabilities within PCI DSS scanning we have now finalized an important part towards our goal to support the technical capabilities that are required for an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). 

These new reports that we are releasing are following the requirements that the PCI Security Standards Council has on ASV solutions. 

The reports includes both the summary report as well as the technical report to support PCI scanning regulations and the identifications of vulnerabilities breaking compliance.

We are still working with these features in a closed beta and welcome those of you that are interested to participate in testing the solution. Reach out to our support if you are interested. Send an email to:

Polish language now available for Fraud Risk Assessment

All our templates in Fraud Risk Assessment are now available in the Polish language. You now have improved capabilities for local send outs using Fraud Risk Assessment as templates from Office 365 to credit card fraud is available in Polish

Feature enhancement

Asset vulnerabilities in Vulnerability Manager without limits

Previously there has been a limit of 25 vulnerabilities being listed for a single asset in Vulnerability Manager (VM) when grouping by Assets. This has now been improved to allow you to continue view more then 25 vulnerabilities for that asset once it has been expanded in the list. The experience will be a lot smoother as more information is available with less clicks in the user interface.

Authentication UI for web application assets

Using authentication when scanning web applications is a popular use case as many vulnerabilities can exist inside of an authorized user session that gets access to more parts of the application. 

As we plan adding more methods of authenticating we have updated the UI when configuring the authentication for Web applications. This new look will make it easier to understand the different options and set up authentication with the correct information data points.

Other improvements:

  • Updating an existing asset tag using the same name now works as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where creating a trend report did not work as intended.
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