Release notes 2019-12-16

As an early Christmas present we're happy to announce several major releases and improvements to Holm Security VMP. Enjoy these ones and a Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Look out for more exciting news 2020!

Major improvements to Vulnerability Manager  

Vulnerability Manager is a powerful feature to structure, prioritize and get all the details you need to remediate vulnerabilities. In this release we introduce major improvements to make the it easier and more efficient to work with. 

Conversations & notes

Conversations and notes are now a part of the same view and can also be accessed in other major views like remediation. In this way you will have the same information about the vulnerabilities and the communication related to them in all parts of Security Center.

Filtering on relative time intervals

Vulnerability Manager now also contains the ability to filter on relative time intervals which enables you to create pre-defined tabs with recently discovered vulnerabilities, for example:

  • Vulnerabilities detected last 2 weeks.
  • Vulnerabilities first detected recent month .

Enhanced information for network vulnerabilities

The information about a vulnerability is a key to understand what it is, why it was detected and how to remediate it. This new information improves the overall context of network vulnerabilities to give you even more information. All network vulnerabilities (currently more than 68 000) have more information.

Examples on what information that has been improved:

  • Specific information about how the vulnerability is detected.
  • Insight into any technical details.
  • Information about the solution and how the remediation can be carried out.
  • The impact this vulnerability can have when present in a system.

General performance optimizations 

As our customer base grows we need to do improvements to speed up Security Center. In this release there have been several optimizations to enhance the performance of the dashboard and several other areas in Security Center.

New features

Vulnerability view in Remediation

In the previous release we came out with a revamped version of the Remediation that included several great improvements for the overview of tickets and new information points visible for each ticket. In this release we are enhancing remediation further with the new vulnerability view. This will make your work more efficient as less navigation is required and you can easily access the information about a vulnerability directly in Remediation. 

This new vulnerability view is now standardized and includes both information about the vulnerability and any context related to it such as notes and conversations made anywhere in Security Center.

This new vulnerability view is also available in our knowledge base.

Scanner Appliance now in OVA format

We're now expanding the support for the Scanner Appliance to even more virtualization platforms. Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) is a format that works on several virtualization platforms and is close to a standard image format. We have tested it on a set of platforms and can work on many more. Read more here.

The Open Virtual Appliance (OVA) image format has its own option in Security Center when setting up a new Scanner Appliance. 

Scanner Appliance for AWS (beta)

We are happy to announce the beta of our first cloud-ready Scanner Appliance for Amazon Web Services (AWS). This new appliance will allow you to scan your infrastructure within AWS to get complete coverage of assets that are both private and public within the cloud. 

You will be able to set up the new Scanner Appliance on an EC2 instance using an AMI from Holm Security that is secured and ready to be used within your IT environment. 

It is currently in beta but is considered to be stable where anyone can get access to it by contacting our Support. Read more here about how to get started with AWS vulnerability scanning.

Comment on ignored vulnerabilities

When ignoring a vulnerability it's relevant to add a comment about the background for this action. This is now possible with a comment field added to the ignore functions.

Other improvements

  • The owner (organization name) of the Security Center account is now visible in the header. Using Organizer this makes it more clear which account your currently logged in to.
  • Disabled and ignored vulnerabilities are now evaluated correctly in Continuous Monitoring.
  • Several more API use cases are now available on our public Github. You can find them here.
  • Several performance optimizations and stability improvements to our web application scanning engine.
  • New network scanning profiles will start using the "TCP SYN only" option for host discovery. This option can improve scanning time and accuracy about alive assets.
  • You can now set the number of rows in list views that will be displayed by default. This is done on your User profile. 




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