What does Holm Security need to produce a template for Phishing & Awareness Training ?

If included in your service from with Holm Security, you will get help with putting together custom templates for Phishing & Awareness Training.

Details needed

For Holm Security to be able to produce the template, the details listed below is needed. Please communicate this information to your technical contact.

Please answer to the following questions for each template:

  1. Who is the recipient for the simulation? E.g.:
    • All Staff
    • Specific department
    • Management
  2. How many recipients are  there in number?
  3. On a scale, 1-10, how hard it should be for the recipient to analyze if this is a malicious email or not?
  4. Should the email be branded? If so, what is the brand. 
  5. Should it be a general looking email (phishing) or targeting a specific person, organization or department (spear phishing)?
  6. What type of purpose of the social engineering? E.g.:
    • Ransomware
    • General virus infection
    • Get to email credentials
    • Initiate a bank transfer
    • Get credit card information
    • Leak financial information
    • Leak personal data
  7. What should be the sender name? Please tell if there's no specific wish.
  8. If What should be the subject? Please tell if there's no specific wish.
  9. Please refer to an example email or layout that can be use for inspiration. A URL or copy of email as attachment works fine.

Available in Security Center

After the template has been produced, it will be added into Security Center for usage.

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