Release notes 2020-03-31

Major release 

Scanner Appliance for Microsoft Azure (beta)

We are happy to announce the release of the Microsoft Azure supported Scanner Appliance for Holm Security VMP. 

With this Scanner Appliance we are enabling all organizations to scan for vulnerabilities of all their infrastructure that they have inside the Azure cloud. This includes both network and web application assets which are both supported to be scanned for. 

With a few steps you can provision a Scanner Appliance within you Azure infrastructure and have it online and ready to be used from Security Center where it will show up in your account. 

More info on how to get started can be found here

New features

Enhanced JIRA integration 

The integration with JIRA have received several improvements to be closer integrated with remediation and make the support more solid for both on-premise and JIRA cloud.

JIRA ticket names can now use different schemas to align it closer to your standard in terms of the information from vulnerability tickets that you require. 

The issue types in JIRA is now taking the project scope in to account to make the ticket submission working properly when you have several projects. For each JIRA ticket that is connected to Remediation there will also be a JIRA ticket ID visible in the ticket listing together with a direct link in to JIRA. 

Connecting your Security Center account with JIRA makes it easy to integrate your remediation workflow with your existing ticketing system. 

New compliance templates: HIPAA and SOX

We have created two new templates for our compliance reporting that now supports reporting against HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act).

You can start use these new templates by importing them on your account and adjusting the thresholds to be properly set to match your organization.

Export lists as CSV 

Working with raw list data can be valuable when you want to do further analysis or processing of various data points that you have on your Security Center account. 

With the new feature to export list views as CSV you will find a new action icon to the right of your list where you can easily download the lists with your displayed columns. 

This new feature is available in all major list views inside of Security Center:

  • Scan results 
  • Assets
  • Vulnerability Manager
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Remediation

Optimized network discovery scan 

Network scanning profiles have now received a new option to toggle the discovery settings when identifying what assets that are alive/online within your scanning scope. 

The new discovery scan setting will optimize the scanning procedure and at the same time be less intrusive to make sure you can identify assets without running unnecessary tests against them. 

You can find this new option inside of the scan settings section in the network scan profiles. It is enabled by default on the imported discovery scan profile.

Asset vulnerability filtering

Viewing a single asset from the asset list allows you to view the vulnerabilities connected to this particular asset. With this release the filtering options of these vulnerabilities have been enhanced to allow you to easier understand what kind of vulnerabilities exists for this asset. 

You can easily filter out vulnerabilities that have been disabled or ignored. Viewing only those that are new or possibly have been reopened again. 

Other Improvements

  • New vulnerability sections are now available in the scan results.
  • Graphs inside reports have received visual improvements.
  • Digest reports excludes non-active (ignored/disabled) vulnerabilities from the primary figures and displays the total amount of them as a note below.
  • Account organization name is now visible at the header of the digest reports email.
  • The Scanner Appliance have received an update with several security and stability improvements.
  • Platform performance optimizations to address a recurring daily slowness.



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