Release notes 2020-05-05

New features

New main menu design 

We have revamped the design of the main menu to differentiate the two major areas in the platform; phishing simulation (Fraud Risk Assessment) and vulnerability management. The support link is now highlighted in the menu and there is a new updated view on the organization and user profile in the top header where the user profile picture is displayed.

These changes will make it easier for you as a user to find the relevant information and navigate between the features smoothly.

Exclude ports within a network scan 

It is now possible to configure a network scanning profile to exclude certain ports that should not be covered when performing a scan. This is very convenient when certain services on specific ports should not be covered withing a scan and needs to be excluded. 

It also helps out performing scans on sensitive equipment when certain ports are known to be fragile and needs to be excluded from the scan you have in mind. 

Vulnerability trends on assets

Understanding the vulnerability trend on specific assets helps you review the risk development and progress of remediating vulnerabilities over time. In this release we are coming out with a more granular view to understand the vulnerability trend for your individual assets. 

You can find this new trend data by viewing an asset from the asset listing. From here you can also break it down to group by the severity level in order to understand what severities are trending on this asset over time. 

Each asset does now have a separate action to view its data and another one to edit the asset itself. 

Responsive tab views 

We introduced tabs some time ago in Vulnerability Manager and in remediation, which has become popular to structure information based on different search filtering options to create focused views.

In order to improve the user experience working with these tab views we have now made them responsive to use as much of the horizontal space as possible. Making it easier then ever to have several tab views configured to provide you with the focused views you need to support your workflows.

JavaScript scanning with authentication support (beta)

JavaScript web app scanning is now supporting websites that requires authentication. You can simply configure this on the web applications if you have the beta feature enabled on your account. 

This allows you to scan for vulnerabilities as an authenticated user where more vulnerabilities can be identified compared to an un-authenticated mode. 

Platform API version 2 available

Our platform API is extending the use cases to let you automate several areas for your vulnerability management processes. In order to make this easier to integrate with, we have restructured a few endpoints making scalable with upcoming features that we are planning. 

This new version will be the new default version which we encourage everyone to start using. Version 1 will still be supported for a period of time, but it will not receive any new features. 

Please notice
If you migrate from version 1 to version 2, make sure to provision new API tokens to be compatible with the latest version. 

Other Improvements

  • List views are now showing the summary of selected entries from the list.
  • Disabled vulnerability tests can now be filtered in the knowledge base.
  • Filtering on minimum business risk is now possible in Vulnerability Manager when grouping by vulnerabilities.
  • Passwords are now always hidden in network scanning profiles.
  • Authentication records on web applications are now less restrictive on allowed characters for the credentials applied.
  • Validation of windows domain records in network scanning profiles have been optimized. 
  • On-boarding of users when enabling two-factor authentication have received an improved user experience.
  • Remediation policies are now evaluating tags containing web applications properly.
  • The user experience when downloading protected scheduled PDF have been improved.
  • UDP ports are now disabled by default in imported network scanning profiles. 
  • Whitelabeling with custom login page have been improved as now easier to technically integrate
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