How do I exclude ports from a network scan?

There can be many reasons to why you would want to exclude certain ports during a scan. Although, have in consideration that it is important to scan even the most sensitive segments occasionally.

  1. Login to Security Center.
  2. Click on Scan Network.
  3. Click on Scan Profiles. 
  4. Click + Add scan profile>Vulnerability profile or click mceclip0.png to edit an existing profile.
  5. Click Scan Settings.
  6. Under the headlines TCP and UDP there will an input field called “Port exclusions”.
    Type in what port you would like to exclude, for example 443 and then press Enter. You will then see the excluded port added underneath the box. If you would like to exclude multiple ports, type in another port and then press Enter again.
  7. If you are editing an existing profile, click OK.
    If you are adding a new profile, continue by completing the rest of the scan profile.
  8. Done!
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