Release notes 2020-06-02

New features 

Create reports directly from Vulnerability Manager 

Improving the workflows in the platform is a top priority for us. In this release we are happy to announce the capability to easily create reports of vulnerabilities and assets directly from Vulnerability Manager. You can simply select the items you like to include in the report and then click the action button to create a PDF report. 

The report will automatically include the selected vulnerabilities and assets, where you can select what information points to add into each entry, together with the naming of the report. The templates used for these reports are visible, but read-only, in the list of report templates.

Import assets from a CSV file

Uploading a larger set of network assets have, until today, been something you have been able to do using the Platform API.

With this new feature you will now be able to upload a larger list of network assets directly via the UI using a CSV formatted file. This CSV follows a structure that lets you add information that is relevant to be applied on each asset such as tags, description and owner.

Getting started with a larger number of network assets, no matter if they are single IP's or IP Networks, will now be smooth and easy where it is just a matter of creating and uploading a CSV file. 

New version of Scanner Appliance

A new version of Scanner Appliance have been released. This new version contains several performance and stability improvements that have been identified from the previous versions:

  • Vulnerability feed was in certain case on cloud images not properly refreshed.
  • Using specific menu selections the NTP settings could be ignored, this is now solved.
  • Local IPs are now always fetched and parsed properly.
  • Several improvements to optimize the core of Scanner Appliance.

The new image is available for both on-premise and cloud platforms. 

Other Improvements

  • The weekly vulnerability reports email is now excluding inactivated users. 
  • Non-windows users have received an updated font style used in Security Center.
  • TCP Port can now be specified when performing authenticated scans for Linux.
  • Improved Linux authentication scans when using a private key.
  • Knowledgebase have been renamed to "Vulnerability Tests".
  • Several minor UI improvements to enhance user experience.
  • Activity log is now displaying the impersonated users coming from an Organizer. 
  • Trend charts were displaying the wrong week on the X axis while the data was correct, this has now been fixed.
  • Filename of a generated report have been improved to be easier to understand.
  • Timezones are applied properly for impersonated users.
  • Assets have been renamed to Asset Manager
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