How do I import assets from a CSV file?

It is possible to add multiple network assets at the same time by using a CSV file. The uploaded file is required to be a valid CSV (comma separated file) that includes the expected columns and compliant input data in each cell. Use the import template provided in the steps below to understand how to structure the imported file.

  1. Login to Security Center. 
  2. Click on Asset Manager.
  3. Click on +Add network asset.
  4. Click on Import.
    • Select CSV file: if you already have your edited CSV file you can click here, select your file and click Import.
    • Update existing assets with data from CSV: this option will update your existing assets in Asset manager with data from the CSV file. 
    • Add missing static tags: this option will create any missing tag and add the tag to the asset.
  5. Click on Download import template.
    Save the file on your computer.
  6. Open the CSV file and add your information.
    Name = (optional) If left empty it will be applied automatically after scanning
    IP = (required) Valid IPv4/IPv6 or IP network
    Tags = (optional) Tags needs to be separated by a pipe sign "|"
    Owner = (optional) Existing and valid email of an account user, if empty or invalid, asset will be assigned to the requesting user
    Business Impact = (optional) Valid value between Neutral to High
    Personal data holder = (optional) Set to 1 or 0 to set the GDPR option
    Description (optional) Free text with a maximum of 255 characters
  7. Save the file on your computer.
  8. Click on Select CSV file and select your edited file.
  9. Click on Import.
    An import result will show if the import was successful or not.
  10. Done!

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