Release notes 2020-06-25

New features

Support for backported patches 

Security Center will now automatically scan and perform analysis by taking backported patches into account for the most known software and OS that provides this concept. The list of backported patches is maintained by Holm Security and continuously updated when we have identified new backported patched versions being available.

How do I scan for backported patches?

Enhanced blacklist for web applications

We have released a new flexible functionality to manage blacklists (exclusions) of file extensions when performing vulnerability scans on web applications. This becomes very handy when a web application could have larger files exposed or a large amount of files exposed, that can impact the scanning time. 

By default there is a set of file extensions which are blacklisted. You can find this new feature on a web application asset in the section "Crawl Exclusion List".

Other improvements

  • Security Center have received major performance optimizations.
  • Fixed bug in trends reports.
  • Fixed bug in reports grouped by asset. 
  • Percentage for business in reports has been replaced with "Low", "Medium", "High" and "Critical".
  • The white labeling function for partners now have a placeholder for the account name (e.g. "You Security Company Ltd.") in email templates. If you have active email templates, you will need to add this placeholder manually.
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