How do I find superseded Microsoft patches?

Microsoft is known to release patches that supersedes older patches which are targeted to address a vulnerability. When new releases from Microsoft are published it is important to understand which this is when looking to remediate a vulnerability. 

For Microsoft vulnerabilities that have patch information we are now exposing superseding information that will allow you to see the latest patches available together with a list of the older items it supersedes.

When reviewing a Microsoft Windows vulnerability, the information can be shown as the examples below:


This tab shows which operating system that are affected by the vulnerability.



This tab shows which patches that are available for the different operating systems displayed on the impact tab. Here you will also see what patches that are being superseded to remediate the vulnerability and what knowledge base article referring to the vulnerability. 


You can find more information about the different values and information on the other tabs in this article: What do the different values and information for vulnerabilities in "Vulnerability Tests" mean?

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