Release notes 2020-10-19

Major feature 

Revamped Policy Scanning 

We are bringing out an updated version of our Policy Scanning, that has been revamped to be more integrated provide enhanced features inside of Security Center.

Policy Scanning follows the OVAL (Open Vulnerability Assessment Language) standard and provides capabilities to perform compliance scannings among your infrastructure ranging from Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix systems.

It provides Network Scanning capabilities where both IPs, IP networks and tags can be used to scan for selected policies over your infrastructure in order to understand how compliant it is based on the ruleset in the policies. Each asset will either be passed or failed to understand its current status.

Policy Scanning provides a result report after every scan where the result can be viewed and analyzed.

Note: Policy scanning is currently only supported on external scanning nodes. 

New feature

Enhanced asset filtering for Platform API

Listing and managing assets via Platform API have received improved filtering capabilities. This is inline with how Asset management works in Security Center where advanced filtering is in place.

You can now query assets with filtering in your request which will optimize the response and only return the assets matching your filtering options. 

Other improvements

  • Tags on assets are now displaying the hex color with an enhanced color picker.
  • Fraud Risk Assessment has received several important improvements and optimizations that enhances stability and general performance of the service.
  • Platform API docs could sometimes not be scrolled correctly which have now been fixed. 
  • Improved error handling when creating non-scannable networks or non-existing assets within a new scan.


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