How do I convert the Holm Security Scanner Appliance ova image from SHA256 to SHA1?

  1. Download the .ova file of Scanner Appliance from security center.
  2. Make one folder and move downloaded .ova file to that folder.
  3. Make another folder in that folder and name it is converted .ova file (optional).
  4. Download the ovf tool from:
  5. Install the ovf tool.
  6. Open command prompt in windows.
  7. Change directory to folder where ovf tool is installed, ex. –
    C:\Program Files\VMware>cd “VMware OVF Tool”
  8. CMD prompt will look like –
    C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware OVF Tool>
  9. Run following command –
    ovftool.exe --shaAlgorithm=SHA1 \path\to\the\original\ova_file.ova \path\to\the\new\ova\file-SHA1.ova
    • \path\to\the\original\ova_file.ova
      Means path to the folder where you have stored your .ova file that you have downloaded from security center.
    • \path\to\the\new\ova\file-SHA1.ova
      Means path to the folder where you want to store your SHA1 converted .ova file.
      Source :
  10. If you have followed the steps mentioned above, it will show you message (filename will be as per the selected name) –
    Opening OVA source: \path\to\the\original\ova_file.ova
    The manifest validates
    Opening OVA target: \path\to\the\new\ova\file-SHA1.ova
    Opening OVA target: \path\to\the\new\ova\file-SHA1.ova
    Transfer Completed
    • ExtraConfig option ‘nvram’ is not allowed, will skip it.
    • ExtraConfig option ‘virtualhw.productcompatibility’ is not allowed, will skip it.
      Completed successfully.
  11. If the following error appears when an OVF template is deployed on an older version of VMware ESXi: The OVF package requires unsupported hardware "Unsupported hardware family vmx-##", please follow the steps in this article:
  12. Now, calculate the SHA-1 hash of the .ovf file and replace the hash value in the .mf file
  13. Verify all the steps.
  14. Now, import the .ovf template in your VMware, it will work.
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