Release notes 2018-10-22

New features

Custom message for password protected reports

It is now possible to set a custom message for password protected reports that you want to share. You can find this feature for each report that has been created in the Reports section.

Custom logo in reports

Reports will now make use of your custom logo that you have applied on your customer account. It will be displayed automatically once you have applied it to your account settings. In order to apply a custom logo to your account, contact our support.

Enhanced source selections in Continuous Monitoring (CM)

Monitoring profiles in Continuous Monitoring will now validate what assets that will be included based on your inclusion and exclusion selection. You will also be able to activate Port triggers if you are using tags in your Source selection. 

Search filtering on first and last detection in Vulnerability Manager (VM)

Vulnerabilities and Assets can now be identified and found using a search filter on the date and time the object was first or last detected. This will improve your workflow when it comes to identifying older objects that might have been present for a longer time and might need attention. You can find this under the search filter in Vulnerability Manager. 

Automatic inactivity logout

As a further step to enhance our security in the platform we are introducing a new functionality to protect our customers. Users will now not only be automatically logged out, but also automatically sent to the login page when they are inactive for more then 20 minutes. Inactivity is triggered when no actual action have occurred from the user during that period of time. This avoids sensitive data to be exposed in the screen.

Other improvements


  • Activity log does now support up to 12 months for enhanced auditing.
  • Multi-selection fields have received improved UX.
  • User profile image is now displayed in the conversations inside of the Vulnerability Manager.
  • The Info severity level is now default unchecked in search filtering. 
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