Release notes 2020-12-16

New & improved integrations 

Improved integration with TopDesk

Out-of-the-box TopDesk integration is now generally available and allows, similar to JIRA, to configure a ticket integration between Remediation and a TopDesk account. 

Tickets can be automatically pushed to TopDesk with the ticket ID being displayed inside Security Center.

The TopDesk support includes defining the Status of the ticket as well as selecting which Operator group in TopDesk the ticket should be sent to.

Integration with ServiceNow

In this release we are happy to announce an out-of-the-box integration with ServiceNow, that empowers our customers to integrate Remediation in Security Center with the incident and ticket table inside of ServiceNow.

This will allow tickets from Remediation in Security Center to be pushed to ServiceNow and be linked together. The ticket id from ServiceNow will be visible inside of the ticket in Remediation to easily understand where the remediation action is taking place. 

Within your account in Security Center, you can configure the ServiceNow integration to define which assignment group that should receive the ticket within ServiceNow. 

New features

Anonymized scan data

Vulnerability scan data is highly sensitive information, that we always aim to keep safe and isolated. When sharing the information outside Security Center, e.g. with a third party, you might want to keep the information safe. This can now be achieved by anonymizing assets, so that a vulnerability can't be connected to an asset. Anonymized scan data can be export as a CSV document. 

Other improvements

  • Fixed issue with report in Fraud Risk Assessment.
  • Images in awareness templates in Fraud Risk Assessment are now always displayed properly.
  • Integrations in Security Center have been moved out to the right menu to make it more visible with its own configuration area. 
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