Release notes 2021-02-24

Phishing & Awareness Training

Product previously called Fraud Risk Assessment. 

Tracking of individual recipients

Phishing & Awareness Training (product previously called Fraud Risk Assessment) was built from the start with privacy in mind. In order to easily and effectively target users with the right educational material there was a need that grew among the customers we have been talking to. 

By listening to this feedback we are today happy to announce the general availability of a new feature that allows customers to achieve both based on how they plan and setup their assessments. 

Assessments can now be configured to allow customers to track the result of each individual recipient from the assessment, making it easy to track risks among your departments, roles and individuals. 

There is also the possibility to achieve a high level of privacy by anonymizing the individual users but still being able to track each recipient in the assessment, but in a great anonymized approached. 

You can find this new feature in Phishing & Awareness Training under the "Assessment" section once your assessment have been configured to collect it. 

Please notice:

It only works for assessments that was started after this release was available.

Enhanced template features

Several enhancement have been added to Phishing & Awareness Training (product previously called Fraud Risk Assessment) related to how templates are built up, making them better and more dynamic. Two new variables are now available and utilized in default templates: {year} and {domain}

New templates

New templates are also general available that you can start using today:

  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Covid-19
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Microsoft OneDrive

System & Network Scanning

Product previously called Network Scanning.

New SCADA/OT scanning profile

There is now a new default network scanning profile available specifically to optimize and safely scan Operational Technology (OT) environments where Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are popular to cover in regular network scannings. 

This new scanning profile has been customized to avoid being too aggressive and intrusive when scanning sensitive systems. It has been validated in co-operation with many of our customers and proved to work out well in these environments. 

Add network assets from IP ranges

Network assets can now be added using a valid IP range. This allows you to add multiple network assets in to your account in one go, simplifying the process of starting to scan these. 

Assets are added similar to when you import them from a CSV, where each asset is added individually within the network asset list. 

We recommend you to apply proper tags on the assets you add in order to easily organize them within your account. 

Scanner Appliance

Automatic workload distribution  

Scanner Appliances can now be grouped with access rules that specifies what network segments these Scanner Appliances can reach when they are operating. 

Scanner Appliances that are grouped will work as a cluster where scans do not need to be directed to an individual appliance but can be assigned to the group. The appliance that is the best fit (lowest utilization, least scan jobs etc.) will be assigned the scan and execute it.

This allows you to scale the amount of scans, achieve better resiliency and performance when executing multiple scans internally in your network. 

Other improvements

  • Adding additional tags on recipients in Phishing & Awareness Training now works properly.
  • Link in notification email for Scanner Appliance connectivity lost is now pointing to the correct endpoint.
  • Fixed selecting source when generating a remediation report. 
  • Timestamp is now correctly displayed in both the generated report and in Security Center.
  • Phishing & Awareness Training awareness training email now contains global english images. 
  • Reports that you want to re-run can now be edited before you generate the report.
  • Scans are now more efficiently allocated which will result in improved resiliency and higher quality on the end result.
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