Release notes 2018-11-20

New features: Fraud Risk Assessment

Improvements to result visualization

Fraud Risk Assessment have received updates to improve the visualization of its statistics, making it easier to interpret the results, both in the dashboard widget and for the Fraud Risk Assessment specific reports. 

New templates available

We have released new templates for Office 365 phishing and file download that are now available for all our Fraud Risk Assessment customers. 

This will enable you to simulate social phishing attacks via email using Office 365 layouts and file download user scenarios.

Templates in Finnish, Dutch and Norwegian

We have released templates in several new languages to allow more localized scenarios to be used. Templates are now available in Finnish, Dutch and Norwegian languages.

Other improvements


  • Report schedules did not generate a report properly in all cases. This have now been fixed.
  • Web scans have received several updates to improve scanning time and general stability.
  • Fixed an issue where a report schedule was not saved properly.
  • We improved our validation logic for emails used for report schedule notifications, allowing our users to utilize a wider spread of email domains.
  • Full-text search for scans have received performance optimizations. 
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