How do I create a Security Center account in OnPrem?

NOTE: This requires a working e-mail/smtp configuration (during your OnPrem setup) as an activation email will be sent out to the primary user of the new account

In order to set up a Security Center tenant account for a customer or department within your company, follow these steps: 

  1. Login to Organizer.
  2. Click Add Customer.
  3. Go to Organization details and fill in the information. (Note: Name and Country are compulsory)
  4. Go to Permissions and add the primary superuser information. (Note: First & Last Name and Email are compulsory)
  5. Go to Subscription and fill in the limits for this account according to your allocated Network Scan and Web Application Scan. (Note: Do take note of the Inactive IPs allocation as well)
    Here you will also see the amount of assets left on your current license after you have allocate the Network Scan and Web Application Scan of its license count.
  6. Click OK.
  7. A registration email will now be sent to the primary superuser in order to complete the registration access to the Security Center tenant. (Note: Do check the Spam folder as sometimes the Welcome Email could be there)
  8. Done!
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