How do I upload my own certificate to be used in OnPrem?

  1. Login to Holm Security Admin Portal.
  2. Click on Configuration. 
  3. Click on Valid Certificate.
  4. Type in your Domain name. (Note: Domain name must match the certificate exactly. If a wildcard certificate is used it needs to match witin the subdomain)
  5. Select the PEM certificate (.crt) and PEM Key (.key).
    Certificate should be in PEM format with one certificate (.crt) and one key (.key).
    Certificates that are signed with your own Certificate Authority (CA) need to have the CA bundled in to the .crt file together with the server certificate file. If an intermediate certificate is used, it is required to be bundled in to the .crt file as well. (Note: It is also crucial to have both Root and Intermediate bind together of the cert if the scanner appliance is deployed at the WAN (outside of your company's network environment)
  6. Click Save.
  7. Done!
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