How do I configure OnPrem from the first start up?

Initiate virtual machine – Console configuration

When you boot your virtual machine with Holm Security VMP, you will be directed to
the configuration user interface that is displayed within the virtual machine console.

From here you will be required to configure the basic settings of the instance. The minimum settings to apply is the network configuration:

  • Static IP (preferred)
  • DHCP

NOTE: Applying correct network configuration is important to proceed further. It can take up to 1-2 minutes before all services are all started, you can view the status of these in the Status section.

From this interface you can also:

  • Reboot the instance
  • Restart services (in case of an issue occurring that requires a restart)
  • View status of the instance
    • Incl web endpoints for the Web Administration user interface

Web administration 

Once you are done with the network configuration you can proceed to the web administration user interface. This is the primary interface for managing the configuration of the running instance.

Endpoint: https://<ip-address>:8001
Username: admin
Password: holmsecurity

SMTP configuration (make sure to avoid copying spaces):

  • Hostname: 
  • Port: 25, 465 or 587
  • Use TLS: Yes
  • Username: 
  • Password: 
  • Sender email: 

SMS configuration:

  • Username: 
  • Password: 

Additional network configuration

  • NTP servers:

License activation 

Proceed to License section, upload new license and activate it. 
Follow this article to retrieve a new license;

Organizer and Security Center


Endpoint: https://<ip-addess>:8002
Username: admin
Password: holmsecurity

System setup is now completed and services are ready to be used by the customer.
By logging in to Organizer you can create your first Security Center account:

NOTE: This requires a working e-mail / smtp configuration as an activation email will be sent out to the primary user of the new account.

Scanner appliance

At least one Scanner appliance is required within a Security Center account to be able to perform scans.

Please refer to the Scanner appliance installation document to read how to set this up for your virtualization platform:

Scanner appliance needs to be configured to connect to the system, therefor the correct endpoints needs to be set when setting them up.

Start with configuring the Network of the Scanner Appliance. When that is completed, proceed with the endpoints.

Configuration endpoints:

  • Provision the scanner appliance using the special image.
  • Navigate in the menu to Configuration > Configure endpoints (advanced) and authorize yourself with the password.
    NOTE: The password will be handed to you in the document. 
    NOTE: The usage of HTTP endpoints are temporary except for APT.

After it is restarted you can move forward performing a diagnostic with Status > Connectivity to make sure it can communicate with the system as it should.

Note: Here is an example of a correctly configured endpoint:

If that is not working properly the network access should be reviewed and troubleshooted. Note that APT endpoints can fail which is normal in the current version. This is not an issue for a PoC.

Proxy endpoints might also fail and this will not impact anything negatively.

Move forward with the Registration using the token from the SC account.

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