What are the supported systems and requirements?

Supported systems

  • Windows

    Accessed using the SMB protocol (with user credentials) to check installed software on the system as well as the patch levels.

  • Linux/UNIX

    Accessed using SSH with user credentials or SSH key

Requirements on the scanned target systems


  • To access the Windows registry properly, the target system needs to have the Remote Registry service enabled and running.
  • For standalone target systems, that are not included in a local domain, it is important to set this registry key:

    DWORD: LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy = 1
  • Have the File and Printer Sharing service enabled
  • On systems connected to a local domain there might be limited vulnerabilities found if the user is a member of the Local Administrator group. 
    Instead we recommend to have the user in the Domain Administrators group for the best scanning results.
    As an alternative you an also use a custom domain user account, read the how-to


  • A regular user account is enough (no su/root user permissions required)


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