What are the supported systems and requirements?

Supported systems


Accessed using the SMB protocol (with user credentials) to check installed software on the system as well as the patch levels.


Accessed using SSH with user credentials or SSH key.



  • To access the Windows registry properly, the target system needs to have the Remote Registry service enabled and running.
  • For standalone target systems, that are not included in a local domain, it is important to set this registry key:

    DWORD: LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy = 1
  • Have the File and Printer Sharing service enabled.
  • If you are scanning multiple servers within a domain it is recommended to set up a user in the "Domain Administrators group". This will make it easier to manage permissions for the scanning centrally. External link:
    How to setup a domain user account


  • A regular user account is enough (no su/root user permissions required).


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