How do I configure OnPrem to use a Static IP?

It is recommended from Holm Security that Static IP is applied for your OnPrem network, this article will cover how you configure this.

First you will need to configure the settings in the config console of your virtual machine:

  1. Start and open your OnPrem virtual machine.
  2. From the Main Menu navigate with your arrows and press Enter on Network > ens-160.
    Here you can configure the network settings for your machine.
  3. When all the settings are correct Press F11 to save.
    It can take a few minutes for the settings to be applied and you might need to restart your machine.
  4. Go back to the Main Menu by pressing ESC.
  5. Press Enter on Status and confirm your changes have been applied.

Second you will need to configure the settings in Web administrator. 

  1. Login to Holm Security Admin Portal.
  2. Click Network.
  3. Choose Static IP and configure your Static IP.
  4. Click Save.
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