Release notes 2021-05-17

New vulnerability asset report 

Reporting from an asset perspective gives you a good view on the risk and information across all your assets in Security Center. In this release we are happy to release a brand new report type that focuses on giving you insight about your assets. 

The report provides a summary of your assets including the aspect for the different operating systems and the distribution among asset tags. You can easily select what assets to include to make a report on a set of your assets.

Open ports for each asset is now available as a new data point that will help you understanding what ports and services are detected.

Policy scanning using Scanner Appliances

Policy scanning is now available on Scanner Appliances enabling you to run policy scans within your internal network. 

Policy scanning follows the OVAL (Open Vulnerability Assessment Language) standard and provides capabilities to perform compliance scannings among your infrastructure in systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux and Unix.

Both IPs, IP networks and tags can be used to scan for selected policies over your infrastructure in order to understand how compliant it is based on the ruleset in the policies. Each asset will either pass or failed, to understand its current status.

Please notice:

We are rolling out this capability within revision 36 of the Scanner Appliance. It is being released in sequences and will be available to everyone from 26th of May. 

Read more about the requirements for policy scanning here.

In-page widgets

Visualizing data provides a great way to highlight vital metrics to better understand the underlying details of the data. With the new in-page widgets on the "Recipient" page in Phishing & Awareness Training, we are bringing new summarized metrics based on all recipients. It provides a great way to overview your recipients with a glance on these new widgets. 

In-page widgets allows you to customize what widgets you want to see at the top of the list view. You can easily move to the overview of all widgets, where you can arrange how widgets will be displayed and what widgets to use. 

In-page widgets will be featured in more parts of our platform in upcoming releases where it will provide a great way to overview your data.

New summary & legends in vulnerability reports 

Vulnerability reports for network and web applications have received a new summary section to improve the overview of vulnerability information in the report. New visualization clarifies the severity levels and statuses across the vulnerabilities with new charts. 

At the bottom of the report there is a new section for legends, sharing further information on certain areas in the report to make it easier to understand when sharing the report to other parties. 

White-labeling available for digest reports 

Digest reports summaries vital metrics in your Security Center account and sends it out on a weekly or monthly interval. These digest reports provides a great way to stay up to date with your vulnerability management. 

In this release we bring support to customize digest reports as a part of white-labeling which is available for our partners. 

Other improvements

  • Ports on assets are now closed and opened properly by network discovery scans.
  • List of scan schedules now includes what Scanner Appliance is used for the scan.
  • Information about a scan can now be viewed when the scan is running.
  • Web links are now dynamic based on the domain selected in Phishing & Awareness Training assessment templates.
  • Report templates have received updated names.
  • Phishing & Awareness Training send outs now accepts values properly for distribution over time.
  • Searching for dynamic tags in scans listing now works properly. 
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