Release notes 2021-06-21

Enhanced statistics in Organizer  

New and updated metrics in Organizer to that makes it easy to understand the health and activity in each Security Center.

Organizer enables a unique overview over multiple Security Center accounts. Partners and customers who utilizes Organizer as their multi-tenant solution for customer accounts, now have an increased number of metrics available. 

Statistics within Organizer now contains new and updated metrics that makes it easy to get an understanding of the health and activity within all your Security Center accounts. 

New metrics include:

  • Number of vulnerabilities per severity.
  • Scan frequency the last 30 days.
  • Overview of the number of assets.
  • Total number of Phishing & Awareness Training recipients.
  • Phishing & Awareness Training send outs the last 30 days.

We have also updated many of the data columns with enhanced data to make it even easier to keep a track of all Security Center accounts. 

All metrics are now available to be downloaded as a CSV file (Comma Separated Values) which allows you to create your own reports and correlate the metrics with external data sources.


Improved anonymization in Phishing & Awareness Training

New optional feature to further anonymize the tracking of recipients within the assessments.

Phishing & Awareness Training (previously called Fraud Risk Assessment) now includes a new optional feature to further anonymize the tracking of recipients within the assessments. 

The new option allows you to disable risk trend and severity for individual recipients when performing an assessment. The new option can be used together with the existing anonymization option where they both enabled causes the result of an assessment to be completely anonymized for recipients.


Other improvements

  • Network and web scan engine have received several enhancements that improve resiliency and stability of executed scan jobs.
  • TopDesk ticketing integration have received a number of improvements to better support several use cases.
  • Metrics from web application scans list is now aligned with the overview metrics in the web scan result.
  • Email domains among assessment and awareness templates have received an improved user experience.
  • Improved support for backported patches within authenticated network scans.
  • Support for multiple SAML certificates in Single sign-on.



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