What type of devices can be disrupted by scans?

Normally devices are not disrupted by a scan as the scan is adapted to avoid being too aggressive and also controls its flow of traffic dynamically.

But in certain IT environments there are devices that can get a "hickup" when the scan is running. These devices can be disturbed by specific tests that can cause side effects, either against the device itself or against other devices.

The devices that are the root-cause may not be the devices that get affected by the scan.

For example, there have been cases where the scanning against Domain Controllers have caused other devices that are Backup units to receive short period of downtime.

In that case it is not enough to exclude the scanning of the Backup units, but it is rather the scanning of the Domain controllers that should be excluded

As a second step you should review what test that are causing the issue and disable that particular test, so that you can still scan the Domain controller but without the test which causes negative impact.



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