Release notes 2019-01-30

Major releases 


Holm Security Organizer is a brand new central portal that we are releasing which can be used together with Security Center.

It provides a new self-service interface for partners and large organizations to manage their customers accounts for Security Center in a single portal. 

Organizer allows you to work in a federated setup where one central unit of admins can delegate the Security Center to other parties, such as customers for a partner or departments for a larger organization. 

With Organizer you can select in which datacenter to store the data for the Security Center account. Helping organizations to secure their data within a country zone, assuring that it never leaves that country. 

As a team, Organizer will help to delegate permissions for selected users in the team, to only be able to access specific accounts. This strengthen the security for your accounts as it limits the number of people who access to which accounts. 

Statistics across all of your accounts are summarized in the Organizer, making it easy to track the usage for accounts in one single place. 

Organizer features overview:

  • Create and manage accounts / customers in Security Center.
  • Centralized login to Security Center.
  • User management with rights management for access to Security Center.
  • Select data center for storing data for each account / customer.
  • Statistics on the use of services for different accounts / customers.

New features

Scanner Appliance

We have added several improvements to our Scanner Appliance that will enhance the stability of it. There are also optimizations applied to it that will enhance the duration during the setup and registration phase.

Other improvements


  • Minor UI improvements in Security Center.   
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