Release notes 2019-03-07

New features 

Fraud Risk Assessment enhanced to support include/exclude recipients using tags

The enhancements to the Fraud Risk Assessment sendouts will help to make more advanced selections within your list of recipients. You can now specify how to include or exclude recipients with tags using a rule to either include any or all matches of the tags specified.

New Fraud Risk Assessment templates for Office 365 available in more langugages

Our popular templates for Office 365 are now available in more languages, to be used in the sendouts for Fraud Risk Assessment.

The new languages available are:

  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • Norwegian

Opt in and opt out for relevant information from Holm Security 

Each user in the Security Center can now control if they want to receive information from Holm Security. This includes newsletters and other relevant information related to the product, security announcements and vulnerability news.

You can find this by opening your user profile in Security Center.

Export scan results as CSV

The data collected in the scan results are very important for the customer and can be consumed in many different ways. With our new feature to export the data as CSV, customers will get the ability to download the scan results in a data-structured format that can be used for further analysis and reporting.

This is available for both network and web application scanning results.

You can find the functionality in the same location where you find reports today.

Other improvements


  • Enhanced bruteforce scanning for web application scanning.
  • Updates and enhancements in Organizer.
  • Issue where number of links were not properly displayed in the results for web application scanning is fixed.
  • General stability improvements to our scanning engines.
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