Release notes 2019-05-02 (platform REST API)

Platform REST API release 

We are happy to announce the release of the brand new Platform REST API that supports programmatic integrations with our platform.

The API can be enabled in Security Center and will allow you to create use cases to automate workflows and control functionalities that are in Security Center.

Read about how to setup a API token here.

Read the API documentation here.


Within this initial release we are supporting the management of both Web Application Scanning and Network Scanning, where one can:

  • Start and schedule a scans.
  • Pause, cancel and resume scans.
  • Get and view scan results.
  • List assets, scan profiles, scanner appliances and tags.

The access management to the API allows you to create secure tokens with specific permissions which one can use to interface with the API.

The tokens are managed in Security Center and each account can have multiple tokens that can be used to separate permissions to specific use cases and limit the access to parts of your account.

Use cases

With this new API in place we'll open up several new use cases such as:

  • Automated scanning of assets.
  • Integration with CI/CD systems (Jenkins, Atlassian Bamboo, TeamCity etc.).
  • Enabling DevSecOps workflows.
  • Integrations to SIEM systems (QRadar, ArcSight).
  • Intergrations to CMDB systems (ServiceNow).

We'll continue to release support for new parts of the platform where asset management is the next functionality to be included in a future release of the API. 

API management

You can find the management for the API by logging in to your Security Center account and opening up the left main menu:

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