How do I troubleshoot issues with the Scanner Appliance?

The Scanner Appliance (SA) may sometimes loose connectivity to Holm Security VMP or stop working for certain reasons. This article covers the basic steps that should be followed before re-installing the appliance. Below are some of the more common messages that might appear in Security Center concerning your scanner appliance.

Running a connectivity test
If you want to get more information on what the scanner appliance is failing to connect to you can run the connectivity test from the scanner appliance interface. This article will guide you through the steps of running a connectivity test.

Lost connection to Security Center
If the appliance fully looses connection to Security Center, this article will guide you through the basic steps of re-connecting the appliance.

Not latest version
Holm Security regularly updates the Scanner Appliance versions in order to maintain a high level of security. Sometimes a user might see a notification about Scanner Appliance not having the latest version. 

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