How do I white-label Security Center accounts under Organizer?

Organizer allows you to set a default white-label that will be used among all of your created accounts in Security Center.

This enables you to standardize how all your accounts that you manage within the Organizer will look when they are created. It also allows you to override the default behavior for a specific account that might have other requirements. This is a great way of creating a streamlined experience for all of your accounts. 

  1. Login to Organizer
  2. Click on the menu to the top right.
  3. Click on Appearance.
  4. Enable the checkbox White-label enabled.
  5. Now you will be able to customize all automatic e-mails sent to the end user.*
  6. If you want to change Logos on a global level for all tenants, you can go ahead and click Logos in the menu.
  7. Click Custom Logo.
  8. Click Select logo file and import your logo.
  9. You can also change the signature of text messages.
  10. Click Text messages.
  11. Type in your Signature.
  12. You can also change the Login page URL by clicking on login page. This makes it possible to have the enitre login page white-labelled.
  13. Done

*Note: Since the 2020-06-25 release the white labeling function for partners now have a placeholder for the account name. If you already have active email templates you will need to add this manually or restore the template and add your information again. You can find more information here: How do I add account name for whitelabeling in emails?

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