How do I validate the checksum of my scanner appliance image?

To validate the checksum of Scanner Appliance (.ova only), follow -


1.          Download the .ova file of scanner appliance from Security Centre.
2.          Make one new folder and extract downloaded .ova file into that folder.
3.          You will get three files there –

3.1. (extracted mf file)
            When you will open this .mf file in Notepad, you will see following details there –
3.1.A.    SHA256 (filename.ovf) = Hash Value
3.1.B.    SHA256 (filename.vmdk) = Hash Value
3.2.       filename.ovf (extracted file)
3.3.       filename.vmdk (extracted file)

4.          Use any hash calculator tool to calculate the hash value of following files –
4.1        filename.ovf
4.2.       filename.vmdk


5.          No changes in file if hash value of –
5.1.       Point 3.1.A = Point 4.1
5.2.       Point 3.1.B = Point 4.2

6.          If the mentioned hash value are not matching then download the file again.

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