Release notes 2021-07-21

New Scanner Appliance troubleshooting features 

Scanner Appliances is a fundamental part of Security Center and provides abilities to scan within your internal network. The new user interface for Scanner Appliances has received an update overview to clarify the state of Scanner Appliances with the relevant information needed. 

For each Scanner Appliance there are also more information about its health and activity exposed, making it easier for everyone to understand the state of it. 

The new troubleshooting wizard guides you, through a set of scenarios and different steps, to make it as easy as possible to identify and isolate any issues with a Scanner Appliance. The wizard covers a set of known scenarios and also have information that helps speed up any support cases needed by providing more in-depth data. 

Improved web application scan engine now available as beta

Web applications are heavily dynamic and built up with a different sets of technologies. We have for the last months focused on performing some fundamental changes to our web application scan engine to improve how it works with different set of technologies and how we can move it forward faster. 

With this release we are opening up the new beta version of it which we intend to make general available in the next months. 

The new version includes the following major improvements:

  • Predictable and repeatable results for every scan performed.
  • Improved support for authenticated scanning sessions.
  • Future possibilities for self-service troubleshooting.

To enable the new beta version, navigate to the Web application scanning profile you intend to use and open Scan settings section where you can find the option Enable scan engine version 2.

Note: To access this new version you will need to get it enabled on your account. Please reach out to Support in order to get it enabled.

Fraud Risk Assessment renamed to Phishing & Awareness Training 

Our product Fraud Risk Assessment is now officially renamed to Phishing & Awareness Training. Security Center is now updated with the new product name. 

Please notice that you might have existing templates, notifications or other objects which still will use the old name. You don't need to take any action for these objects.

Other enhancements

  • Creating report from Vulnerability Manager does now take RBAC rules properly in to account.
  • Improved scanning logic of Discovery scans and how it impacts the state of vulnerabilities.
  • Prevent starting new scans when Scanner Appliances are offline.
  • Filtering on the start date for assessments does now work properly.
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