How do I troubleshoot OnPrem in case something is not working?

First step is always to collect information about the issue to make it easier to understand when technicians from Holm Security is analyzing the problem. 

Collect initial troubleshooting information 

This information is always required to be shared with our Support before opening a support ticket:

  • Screenshots or sceen recording of the session / steps when the problem occurs 
  • Description of error messages, specific information or details 

Collect and share diagnostics

How do I share diagnostic package from OnPrem in case something is not working?

Record and save browser session 

You could get requested to perform a browser session recording of the web interfaces in OnPrem. This can be done using Google Chrome DevTools (or similar for the other main browsers Edge and Firefox). 

This is done by starting a recording on the Network tab before starting your steps in the web browser. The file can then be stored as a HAR file to be shared with Holm Security support. 

Using Google Chrome

  1. Right-click in the browser window or tab and select Inspect
  2. Click the Network tab in the panel that appears.
  3. Navigate to the URL you want to traffic.
  4. Click the download button Download (Export HAR appears when you hold the pointer over it.)
  5. Name the file.
  6. Click Save.
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