How to deploy new Device Agent?

  1. Login to your Security Center.
  2. Click Asset Manager in the header.
  3. Click Devices.
  4. Click +New Devices 
  5. Read the instructions and proceed.
  6. Create Token:
    • Name your Token.
    • Set the validation date
    • Set the valid date.
      • Token validity duration should be as low as possible to avoid security exposures 
      • One token can be deployed to many devices.
    • Click Create.
  7. Under the Token you can check the status of your token: 
    • Active
    • Expired 
    • Not Active.
  8. Deployment:
    • Manually deployment 
      • Package: Click on the download icon mceclip0.pngto download the Device agent (We are using Microsoft Windows MSI package for Device Agent for windows).
      • Token: Select the Token that you previously created.
      • Proxy: if you have a local network that is not directly connected with the network then you can use the Scanner Appliance as a proxy to connect the Device Agent with Security Center. check this article.
        Choose the protocol for the proxy connection and select the Scanner Appliance you would like to use. 

        Note: The proxy feature is not enabled on the Scanner Appliance by default, you will need to enable it manually. Check this article

      • Installation: for windows: check this article. 
    • Mass deployment
      • Mass deployment can be done with Microsoft Intune or Microsoft Endpoint Config Manager (old SCCM), Check this article. 
  9. Done!
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