Release notes 2021-09-23

Custom compliance reports thresholds 

Compliance report templates allow you to define risk thresholds against your assets. This comes with many pre-defined templates such as GDPR, NIST, and ISO27001. 

With this release, the compliance reports allow custom templates to be created to set up a template with your own name. This will enable you to create compliance templates that can be internal for your organization and use your custom name. 

Unlimited number of assets in compliance reports

Compliance reports now allow for an unlimited number of assets to be evaluated against the compliance template thresholds.

Other enhancements

  • Vulnerabilities with notes and comments on them are now visible directly on the Vulnerability Manager overview.
  • New Scanner Appliance image available with increased disk size set to 150 GB.
  • Scans that are stale can now be removed (forcefully) even if the Scanner Appliance is offline. 
  • Scanning larger networks are now automatically evaluated to make sure enough number Scanner Appliances are being used.
  • Scans that fail with an error do now show more information detailed about what went wrong. 
  • Larger networks are now properly included when generating reports


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