How to overview vulnerabilities of your devices?

You can find the Device agent vulnerabilities within your Holm Security Center portal: 

  1. Login to your Security Center.
  2. Click Vulnerability Manager in the header.
  3. Click Devices
  4. There are three vulnerability views as default:
    • Default view includes both System and PC devices.
    • System Devices View to view only Systems devices
    • PC Devices View to view Personal computer devices
  5. Click on "Systems & PC" Topic to switch the vulnerability view between PC and Systems.
  6. Click on the Eye icon mceclip0.png for any device to view the:
    • General information: All beta information about that device.
    • Vulnerabilities: All the Vulnerabilities that has been reported from that device.
      • Use the based filter to search for the specific vulnerability.
    • Installed Application: The device agent can track the majority of Apps except Microsoft store Apps
      • Use the search bar to search for the specific vulnerability.
    • Tags: Under tags you can check and edit the device tag.
  7. Done!
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